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East Wimmera Health Service’s FEATS 4 FEET fun run is over for another year and all who attended had an awesome day despite the bitterly cold wind and low temperatures. 

Our special guest, Olympian Steve Moneghetti was on hand giving encouragement and congratulating young and old in their individual feats.  Special thanks to Steve.

   For the official results, click here http://www.ewhs.org.au/news/feats-4-feet/


East Wimmera Health Service also thank all sponsors and volunteers without which we would not have an event – You were all amazing.

Unleash the Inner Champion


East Wimmera Health Service


Sunday, 27th August 2017








When you first meet Alicia Myers (pictured), you wonder how such a gentle, quietly spoken 14 year old could have tapped into her inner champion so early.  Alicia strives to excel in all her endeavours  and extends her performance in sport by running the FEATS 4 FEET run, which she will do again this year. 

A normal week for Alicia includes netball, AFL football and athletics with a run in the bush behind her Stuart Mill home to top it off. 

Alicia has just returned from a 3 week trip to Canada where she competed in athletics.  Selected on her performance at the 2016 State Championships, Alicia competed in triple jump, long jump, hurdles and attained personal bests in each event with a second placing in the triple jump with a jump of 10.26metres.

No stranger to the feats of a champion, Alicia is encouraging others to compete in the FEATS 4 FEET run.  For her, individual sports provide an extension to team sports and a chance to truly gauge her improving performance.

Olympic and World Champion Marathon runner, Steve “Mona Moneghetti, who will be attending the run on Sunday 27th August, will also be welcomed at the Meet and Greet Pasta Night the night before.  Keen to have the opportunity to talk with Steve Moneghetti, Alicia will accompany her mother, Tracey, (a St Arnaud Campus staff member) and brothers, Nick and Tom to the Meet and Greet Pasta Night.   

Tickets for children who are accompanied by an adult are only $15, which includes the Pasta meal, and is therefore a great opportunity to meet someone to inspire your kids to achieve.  Tickets are available at the Botanical Hotel, the St Arnauld Reception and Sue Hynes 0432 230 169. 

3 weeks to Go !!
3 repetitions of 18min jog and 1min walk

For those following our Training regime this week, with 3 weeks to go, training consists of 3 repetitions of an 18 minute jog and a 1 minute walk. You should be feeling stronger and more confident now.  If you haven’t tackled jogging up a hill before now, this week might be the time to do one.  The FEATS 4 FEET course does have one hill and although it is minor it won’t hurt to put in some training in hill jogging.  Running continuously without a break up a hill will be a good test for your fitness levels.  KEEP STRIVING!!




Staff at the Avoca Community Bank, a FEATS 4 FEET gold sponsor, were not afraid to get out in the cold this week to show off their team for this year’s fun run, although Bruce Hando looks a little uncomfortable in his tutu.  But if Bruce can do it so can all of us. 

This year’s FEATS 4 FEET has a team category as well as a best dressed category.  Teams do not need to dress up although Avoca Community Bank shows us they are cool with that.  The winning team will be decided by averaging each member’s time.

You have survived the first week of training in the Countdown to race day – 27th August.  The length of each training week will be increased to enable you to be ready for the event. 

7 weeks to Go !!
This week is 2 jog sessions for 28mins and 1 for 33mins

This week’s training for the 10km is for 2 jogging sessions of 28 minutes and 1 for 33 minutes.  For those training for the 6.6km you have three sessions this week each comprising alternate jogging and walking.  Check out the training program at www.ewhs.org.au/news/feats-4-feet for more detailed information. You are now on your way to a fitter and healthier you.  Further information can be obtained from Sue Hynes, on 0432 230 169 or sue.hynes@ewhs.org.au.


FEATS 4 FEET fun run


East Wimmera Health Service Health Promotion staff, Rebecca Kiffen and Bonnie Coogan discuss the training program with St Arnaud Health & Fitness owner and trainer, Natalie Knights.


East Wimmera Health Service is pleased to announce a partnership with sponsors St Arnaud Health & Fitness to develop a training program for participants in the annual fun run, FEATS 4 FEET to be held 27th August.

Potential participants are encouraged to use the training program, developed for those wishing to enter either of the 3.2km, 6.6km or 10km run, in order to get into shape to complete their run of choice.

The training program and a mobile app are available so that you can chart your progress.  Those wishing to complete the 10km run will train for 14 weeks (starting next week), for the 6.6km you undertake 10 weeks and for the 3.2km you undertake training for 5 weeks in order to reach the fitness level required.

The training program, which includes details of the app, as well as details of EarlyBird registration which is now open, are available on the health service's website at www.ewhs.org.au/news/feats-4-feet

Natalie is offering a concession price for all new members who may wish to join St Arnaud Health & Fitness in preparation for the run.

So take the opportunity to join at a discounted price and participate in the many offerings' of St Arnaud Health & Fitness including free assessments.  For further information contact Natalie for details on 0428 967 220.






Strengthening Community Response to Emergencies

East Wimmera Health Service has been successful in obtaining a grant from FRRR (Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal) by The RE Ross Trust.  The grant, for $4,780, will fund the purchase of a specially designed trailer to carry EWHS's 35KW generator so that a portable power solution can be utilised by communities in the Buloke and Northern Grampians Shires particularly during times of emergencies.

The trailer project, entitled "EM(ERGENCY)POWERING COMMUNITIES", is an example of how organisations that are best able by their size to assist small rural communities can help those communities prepare for and respond to emergencies.  The project is aimed to strengthen the sense of ownership of the solutions to the increasing number of emergencies that we now face.

This large generator has been used to power communities previously, such as Charlton in recent floods, however as the generator was not permanently set up on a trailer, its application and use have been limited.  This project will enable the generator and trailer to be on standby, housed in St Arnaud, and will mean that communities can respond quickly to situations requiring emergency power.

The generator and trailer will be available to communities within the Northern Grampians and Buloke Shires.