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February 2021

The temporary lockdown appears to have been effective at controlling the spread of COVID cases from the Holiday Inn outbreak and we have enjoyed limited freedoms again since last week.

Similar outbreaks are still possible and we should still remain vigilant, keep our distance and practice great hand hygiene.

If you are unwell, get tested and stay home until you receive a negative test result.

It will be important to continue these practices, even after the vaccine has started rolling out.

As always, the latest information is available from the Department of Health website at:

Masks remain mandatory in Victoria indoors and are also required outdoors whenever you can’t maintain a safe distance from others. You must carry a mask with you whenever you’re away from home.

Density limits and physical distancing requirements remain in place.

There are still limits to the number of visitors you can have at home.

East Wimmera Health Service will continue to screen and temperature test all visitors to our sites for risk of exposure and general wellbeing and we will arrange testing for those people with symptoms.

Visiting arrangements at our sites remain limited but sensible.

Vaccination Rollout

We are busy preparing for the first phase of the vaccine rollout which will commence in our ergion over the coming weeks and will take many months to complete.

People who have a COVID-19 vaccination have a much lower chance of getting sick from the disease.

Everyone is encouraged to accept the vaccine, which will be free, to ensure we can return to a pre COVID way of life.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) rigorous assessment process of potential COVID-19 vaccines will ensure approved vaccines are safe and effective.

When you have the vaccine, you will need two doses that will be provided a number of weeks apart.

Keep your eyes and ears out for further information to let you know when and how you might receive your vaccination locally.


Whilst you can’t have your annual Flu vaccination at the same time as your COVID vaccination, it is still very important. Flu vaccinations will be offered as usual this year and we will work with people to have it at a separate time.