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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan

Over the past five years we have moved through a major organisational transformation and financial
turnaround to a revitalisation phase. We have streamlined our processes, redesigned our services
and transformed our health service, to embrace our mission of utilising our organisational values, to
Cultivate Healthy Communities, through consumer centred care to deliver positive health
As we enter into this next phase, one of the greatest challenges we face is the ageing population
within our catchment area and the changing chronic health profile of our communities. Within this
challenging environment, the opportunity exists to improve the way we holistically care for
consumers and their families. This is at the core of our business.
Our strategic plan, Cultivating Healthy Communities 2016 – 2019 will guide us as we build on our
past successes and deliver the critical changes needed to achieve our mission as it is in our power
to cultivate healthy communities, through consumer centred care to deliver positive health
experiences, that will improve the health outcomes across the Buloke and Northern Grampians
Our strategy is set out on the following pages and is clearly articulated in line with four strategic
1. Service delivery: deliver value based healthcare by understanding consumer needs and
configuring services to best meet those needs
2. Relationships: establish supportive, respectful peer and stakeholder relationships and
3. Sustainability: attract and target resources and investments into sustainable service
delivery and operating models
4. Quality & safety: use data and intelligence to inform the delivery and improvement of safe
There is a great deal of work to be done in order to secure our future as a well-resourced, wellprepared
and well-structured health service. I acknowledge the dedication of our staff and the
strong relationships we have built with our partners and community. These relationships will be
pivotal throughout this process.
I would like to thank everyone, from our staff, volunteers, community and consumer groups, service
delivery and health partners for their involvement in the development of this plan. Your feedback
has been and will continue to be critical in helping shape the future of our health service and in
cultivating healthy communities.
Ken Round
Board Chair