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East Wimmera Health Service Visiting Arrangements

Updated: 4.00pm Thursday 5th May 2022

In Residential Aged Care, there are no changes:
• 5 visitors per day – all RAT Tested
• If not RAT tested, the limit is 2 visitors per day (EWHS requests all visitors RAT Test)
• Visitors are vaccinated and show evidence
• Visitors are not symptomatic
• Visitors wear N95 and eyewear

In Hospital settings:
• There are no restrictions on the reason for visiting
• If the visitor is over 16 they must be vaccinated or have a negative RAT
• Visitors must wear N95 and eyewear
• Visitors aged under 16 are only permitted for life threatening conditions, for palliative care patients or if they are direct relative such as brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter

Covid-19: Testing requirements

Updated: 7.00pm Friday 7th January 2022

Testing requirements are in place for COVID-19.

If you test positive on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), you are now required by law to report your positive result to the Department of Health.

Report by visiting or calling 1800 675 398. For translations, call the hotline number and press O.

You are also required to immediately isolate for 7 days and notify people you have been in contact with.

Reporting your positive RAT result helps us understand how many cases of COVID-19 there are in Victoria.

It also gives you the ability to be supported and receive care through the COVID Positive Pathways program as you isolate and recover - and gives you access to apply for financial support to isolate.

Your information will remain private.  It is the same information that would be obtained if you test positive on a PCR test.

Also please be advised that EWHS is unable to supply Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits, so we ask that you avoid calling the Health Service to request these. We acknowledge that the testing system is resulting in difficulty accessing testing at times. PCR testing will also reach capacity at times of peak demand.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Covid-19 Testing 

EWHS sites will continue to offer testing by calling the site to arrange a time:

>  Birchip Campus: 5477 7100

>  Charlton Campus:  5477 6800
>  Donald Campus: 5478 6200
>  St Arnaud Campus: 5477 2102
>  Wycheproof Campus: 5478 0700