Strengthening Community Response to Emergencies

East Wimmera Health Service has been successful in obtaining a grant from FRRR (Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal) by The RE Ross Trust.  The grant, for $4,780, will fund the purchase of a specially designed trailer to carry EWHS's 35KW generator so that a portable power solution can be utilised by communities in the Buloke and Northern Grampians Shires particularly during times of emergencies.

The trailer project, entitled "EM(ERGENCY)POWERING COMMUNITIES", is an example of how organisations that are best able by their size to assist small rural communities can help those communities prepare for and respond to emergencies.  The project is aimed to strengthen the sense of ownership of the solutions to the increasing number of emergencies that we now face.

This large generator has been used to power communities previously, such as Charlton in recent floods, however as the generator was not permanently set up on a trailer, its application and use have been limited.  This project will enable the generator and trailer to be on standby, housed in St Arnaud, and will mean that communities can respond quickly to situations requiring emergency power.

The generator and trailer will be available to communities within the Northern Grampians and Buloke Shires.