Privacy Statement

East Wimmera Health Service has a legal and moral responsibility to protect the privacy of information relating to patients, clients and residents. East Wimmera Health Service supports and complies with the Health Privacy Principles contained within the Health Records Act (Victoria) 2001.

When you attend East Wimmera Health Service a medical record is created.  The collection of information is limited to that necessary for the delivery of healthcare and the effective functioning of East Wimmera Health Service. Information will be used only for these purposes or for purposes that would be reasonably expected. Where data is used for research and audit, no identifying information will be published.

East Wimmera Health Service will only disclose your information with consent or where required by law or for the purpose of continuing your care. Where appropriate and in accordance with the recognized customs of medical practice, treating clinicians may discuss your care with your next of kin or nominated representative.

Every effort is made to ensure your information is accurate, complete, current and relevant and where possible information will be sourced directly from you. If you believe information held about you is incorrect, you may request that the information be corrected.

East Wimmera Health Service has in place systems to protect your information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access. Patient medical records are stored securely and are retained in accordance with legislation.



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