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As a result of a grant from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and The R.E.

Ross Trust, East Wimmera Health Service has implemented the “Em(ergency)powering Communities”


EWHS staff member, John Cross inspects EWHS’s generator on the new trailer.

East Wimmera Health Service owns a Kohler 44KVA mobile power system (generator) with the

ability to power up to 6 houses at a time that is often utilised in times of emergency, such as floods

and bushfires, within both the Buloke Shire and the Northern Grampians Shire.

The FRRR and The R.E. Ross Trust grant has enabled EWHS to purchase a specifically modelled trailer

to permanently house the generator. This will make the power system immediately available in

times of emergency thereby avoiding the problems involved in obtaining a suitable trailer and

locating equipment to load the generator on to the trailer – all resulting in time delays.

Currently there is a significant reliance on power companies to provide portable power sources

during emergencies. By developing our own sustainable solution to problems caused by events such

as bushfire and flood, East Wimmera Health Service is contributing to empowering Buloke and

Northern Grampians communities to resolve problems locally during emergencies.

Purchasing a specifically modelled trailer, wired to house the generator permanently, and having this

unit housed within the district provides our communities with an immediate solution to power

failure in times of emergency.

When the Emergency Powering Communities trailer is not in emergency use it may be hired out in

some circumstances. For further information contact Peter Battersby, EWHS Maintenance Manager

on (03) 5477 2169 or peter.battersby@ewhs.org.au.