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Residents at East Wimmera Health Service’s Kara Court are delighted with a number of positive changes to their residence. Following the purchase of new hostess trolley equipment, residents are now treated to the tempting aromas of home style cooking, and enhanced meal quality. The new system means residents are now able to view and choose what to have in their meals..

New Meal System

New curtains have added to the sense of home for residents

Visitors can also purchase a meal for a small fee and share meal time with their family member. Positive feedback has been received from everyone.

The atmosphere at Kara Court has been further enhanced from painting of the facility, new carpet and the fitting on new curtains and blinds. These were chosen after consultation with residents and families.

Residents are thrilled with their new meals

Residents are thrilled with their new meals

The Kara Court laundry has also undergone a refurbishment with a new dryer and a washing machine fitted with a new Ozone Laundry System, an extremely effective sanitising and disinfecting agent.

Locally made planter boxes have been installed in outdoor providing a more homely touch and a “memory table” has been placed near the front entrance. Next week will see the delivery of new furniture that will complete the current changes to the residence.

East Wimmera Health Service thanks all the residents and their families for their input into these changes and the hard work of staff to bring about these changes. Stay tuned for more to come as we deliver further enhancements, particularly to outdoor areas!!