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On 1st April, 1998 the Donald District Hospital and the St. Arnaud and District Hospital amalgamated to form the East Wimmera Health Service.

On 1st July 1999 Wycheproof & District Health Service, Birchip Bush Nursing Hospital and the Charlton Bush Nursing Hospital joined the amalgamated St Arnaud & District Hospital and the Donald District Hospital group to form what is now the East Wimmera Health Service.

East Wimmera Health Service provides quality acute and community care across five dynamic campuses. Each campus services a vibrant provincial community. A hallmark of East Wimmera Health Service is the dedication of staff to their communities and the enthusiastic support offered to each and every staff member. The Health Service promotes an environment of learning and development in the workplace through a friendly and supportive atmosphere, which is reflected in the welcome you will receive in our local townships.
East Wimmera Health Service provides an opportunity for a Nurse or other health professional to become part of, not just the Health Team, but the community.

Our small communities provide a sound network of employment and social opportunities.  Being a part of the health team provides a diverse range of client care requirements, which can only be found in rural health.  Active local communities provide friendships and strong commitment through sporting, local clubs, racing events and other entertainment groups.  Local schools and education facilities exist in all townships.

A range of Acute, Aged Care and Primary Care services are provided across each site. Each community supports a local Doctor, who provides ongoing care and attention as required.
East Wimmera Health Service provides a 24-hour Accident and Emergency service at each of its five campuses, providing resuscitation and limited stabilisation prior to transfer of the patient to a larger hospital.